Common SEO Problems Every Brand Should Know

Perhaps you’ve finally decided to invest in SEO and started the work on your own. As the marketer of your own business, you need to accept that problems and obstacles will continue to arise no matter what field you’re in, and SEO processes remain the same whether you’re a small or big enterprise.

It’s essential to prepare yourself for the challenges ahead with extensive research. In the next section, we’ve come up with a list of the common challenges you’ll likely encounter once you get into the crucial aspects of the SEO process and how you can resolve them.

Common SEO Challenges of Brands and SEO Professional Services

Limited understanding of the importance of SEO

More often than not, with SEO campaigns, it’s been a case of “right things are happening, but we’re not sure exactly why.” Understanding the power and role of SEO can help you plan your SEO campaigns better and ensure it goes off smoothly. 

Involving your internal teams in SEO can be a challenge, considering the other responsibilities they have. Take the time to explain the role of SEO within your company and allow them to participate in its success. This way, you can help everyone work together towards common goals, from generating leads to driving sales and improving customer experience.

Staying on top of algorithm changes

Staying on top of algorithm changes

HubSpot ranked this as the top challenge marketers usually face with brands. Search engines are constantly changing, and your competitors’ tactics also evolve with these changes. So, how do you hit a moving target?

You don’t have to make significant SEO strategy changes for every minor algorithm change. Instead, keep an eye on big industry news and algorithm changes, then overhaul your strategies accordingly. Sometimes, it’s best to do nothing but wait for a couple of weeks before implementing changes. Sometimes, Google reverts to a previous version if they find that it doesn’t work.

Amount of time to yield results

SEO is a long-term strategy that takes time to produce results compared to other digital marketing practices like pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. It can mean that you’re likely to encounter obstacles in every step, from initial budget allocation to time pressure. 

To resolve this, prepare for the long haul as you set out your plans. Utilize your customer data to keep the interest and support running for your project. Update your project’s stats, conduct mini case studies, and recognize performance highlights regularly during your SEO journey to maximize the SEO process.

Incorrect use of keywords

Keywords have remained a staple in SEO, but Google has become more critical of a website’s keywords instead of just scanning them to determine an overall sense of authority, tone, and relevance. Professional SEO services know that you cannot simply put keywords in your content and hope for the best.

A deeper understanding of user intent and audience’s pain points will help you develop the right keywords to get noticed by your audience. You can also monitor the search volume for your targeted keywords to understand why some websites suddenly get a spike or drop in traffic. 

Making mobile-friendly content

Mobile optimization should be one of the important aspects of your SEO strategy. As of November 2022, 60.28% of all web traffic is from mobile phones. And Google has implemented a mobile-first indexing method when indexing and ranking pages, so it’s a constant challenge to make mobile versions of your content to get ranked higher.

Provide a joyful user experience to your users and see how it will reflect on Google. Figure out what your visitors come for and which tasks they mostly do on your site. Then make sure those are front-and-center on your mobile site, too. Allow people to click on your phone number to call you. Use a responsive design for your website, so it’s easier for Google to understand and index your single URL. Prioritize your site to being mobile-friendly, and everything will follow.

Overcome SEO Challenges With Professional SEO Services

SEO is a long-running game that requires knowledge and patience. Nothing ever comes without threats, and being aware of the SEO challenges you might face in the future can help you anticipate different outcomes and prepare for them better. While you’re at it, enhance your SEO journey with the help of a reliable and professional SEO service like SEO Defend