The Benefits of Investing in an SEO Company

With the boom of online shopping, mobile browsing, and online-first businesses, the search engine has become the “new normal” when looking for great products and services. A big part of internet traffic is found in search engines, which businesses need to leverage by doing search engine optimization (SEO) to increase revenue.

However, despite the success of SEO as marketing, many companies are still unsure of what it really is, and if it’s worth it. Visual Objects reported that 47% of small businesses are not investing in SEO due to the intricacy of SEO strategies and the lack of immediate results from SEO efforts.

If you’re one of the skeptics who are still in doubt about what SEO can do to your business, getting an SEO company to help you might do the trick. Learn about SEO’s benefits and ask yourself these questions before you make an investment in an SEO company.

What is SEO?

Understanding what SEO is can help you determine if hiring an SEO company is the right move for the business. SEO is a digital service that aims to enhance visibility, generate traffic, boost sales, convert website visitors into customers, and grow business revenue. With the search engine’s popularity among customers, businesses employ SEO efforts to gain attention and attract more audiences faster.

Basically, Google will put the top spot in a search engine result page (SERP) to whichever website has the best answer to a searched query from an internet user. In order to be at the top, there are factors that you need to improve such as the keywords, quality of links you use, content structure, and others.

Questions to Ask Before Investing in an SEO Company

Questions to Ask Before Investing in an SEO Company

1. Am I using other digital marketing strategies?

SEO can be a powerful addition to your other digital marketing strategies like pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, email marketing, and video marketing to maximize online success. Many companies employ various web marketing strategies altogether as it can have an enormous influence on your internet marketing tactics and increase the rates of success.

If it seems too much, getting an SEO company to do the job would be better. They can come up with a cohesive plan that will involve all your digital marketing strategies working together, which gives bigger and better results for the business.

2. Do I want to stick to SEO to gain revenue in the long run?

Like any worthwhile investment, SEO takes some time before you see results. If your company can manage to invest in traditional marketing strategies, then it’s important to invest the same way in SEO and digital campaigns. If done properly, SEO can even have a lasting effect on your online presence and gain more revenue than you can imagine.

Don’t believe in an SEO company when they tell you that they can produce results overnight or within a week. Hiring an SEO company for the long run will give you access to the latest marketing technology, experienced SEO specialists, and evolving SEO knowledge that you can use for future purposes.

3. Can my company do its own SEO?

Talent, technology, and time are some of the important resources that your company must have to do SEO. It’s a big responsibility to implement and manage the SEO strategies you will come up with, aside from doing other functions in the company. But even companies with abundant resources for online marketing are finding it challenging to juggle in-house strategy management.

With an SEO company, all the basic resources are already provided. They have specialized team members and technology, and their expertise in the field will help your business yield better results.

4. Is my website ranking well on the search engine?

Do you find your website somewhere in the second or third page of a SERP when you type in relevant business keywords? SEO can help you fix that. A survey reveals that 98% of internet users are more likely to click on the first set of results in a SERP.

An SEO company can help guide you choose the most effective keywords for your website. They will test the search volume of your chosen keywords and optimize your pages once they’re set.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Help

SEO has a wide array of benefits that can put your business at the top of the ranks in a SERP, but hiring the right SEO company that fits well into your business and gives you desirable results will generally make everything easier to navigate. Take your time to explore different SEO agencies and be aware of the signs of someone doing unethical SEO practices.

With SEO Defend, you’re ensured with customized strategies that will benefit your business in the long run. We will give you regular updates on your campaigns, and provide you with keyword-rich content and structure that will optimize your site. Contact us to know more and get a free trial today.