Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO Defend?

SEO Defend is a SaaS negative SEO monitoring solution which ensures your domain and website is always protected from negative SEO, black hat SEO techniques and bad SEOs.

How does SEO Defend work?

We continuously scan and monitor your website with respect to domain, content, link, algorithm and social media related risk factors, look at SEO Defend as insurance for your SEO.

You can find the webpage data yourself on different sites and locations.  Deciphering the multi-streams into positive changes can overload anyone. Attempts to increase search engine results page (SERP) ranking, could also create an undesired penality.  With all of the different data sources we digest and follow, either add SEOdefend plugin to the wordpress site, or run independently at  We offer the ability "set it and forget it" peace of mind.  Take a test drive before purchasing. If you find the service as helpful as we do, continue enjoying the coverage.

Avoid Google penalties and keep your website safe from unannounced search engine algorithm updates. This gives you the time to concentrate on your day job, increasing followers, customers and sales.