Everything You Need to Know About Google Penalties

One penalty from Google can result in the complete removal of your site from Google's search results, which would lead to a significant drop in visitors, potential customers, and, ultimately, revenues. About 230,000 spam complaints were filed every single day in 2019.

Because of this, a negative SEO monitoring service is essential. But before that, there are some things you need to know about Google's penalty system. Keep reading to learn more.

What Is a Google Penalty?

A penalty is a "punishment" that the Google webspam team imposes on a website. It typically occurs when they find evidence of violating their quality guidelines. 

Their primary function is to restrict access to illegal content on the web. The quality of a website can be automatically downgraded by Google's algorithms or manually penalized by a Google employee if they find the website intentionally violates quality guidelines.

Types of Google Penalty

In general, Google has two types of penalties it can employ:

  • Manual Penalties: Enforced when a real person on Google's spam check team looks at your site and finds something fishy. Penalties like these can be the result of user complaints or rival complaints.
  • Algorithmic Penalties: These are punishments imposed by Google's algorithm without human intervention. The algorithm can scan and eliminate untrustworthy links much faster than humans can.

Reasons You Can Receive a Google Penalty

Google's list of penalty triggers is long. Still, it can be summed up as follows: any attempt by a website to trick a search engine or negatively impact the user experience will result in a penalty.

Make sure your site doesn't have any of the following issues that could lead to a Google penalty:

  • Overuse of keywords
  • Spam pages that use a lot of unrelated keywords
  • Adware, spyware, and viruses
  • The content is repetitive
  • Coded messages or hidden text
  • Misleading re-direction
  • Cloaking

How Does Google Fight Spam?

Google focuses on delivering accurate search results to its users. Therefore, its quality guidelines and ranking factors are not tampered with, and any attempt to do so is considered spam. 

At the "crawling" stage, Google has systems to detect spam. It employs a series of checks and balances to prevent spam from being indexed. Google claims its automated systems help block 99% of spam; the remaining 1% requires manual intervention.

Google Penalties

How Can I Get My Google Penalty Removed?

Getting rid of a Google penalty might be challenging. For example, after receiving a manual penalty, the only way to get your site back into Google's index and back into the hands of potential customers is to request that Google reindex it. 

In contrast, for algorithmic penalties, you need to determine the cause of your penalty and find a way to lift it depending on the reason.

Protect Yourself With a Negative SEO Monitoring Service

If you adhere to Google’s guidelines, you can rest assured that your site won’t be penalized. But doing that alone — taking care of the content, SEO, and marketing can be difficult. Don’t worry; SEODefend is here to help you! 

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