What to Know About Negative SEO

Keeping your business up and running means dealing with all sorts of issues, from knowing what your customers need to making sure your brand has reached a wider audience. Recent statistics show that a whopping 70% of small businesses use SEO to boost their productivity and achieve predicted revenue. When it comes to SEO, it’s all about your savviness to attract prospects, and SEO is one way to do it! 

However, to fully use the perks of SEO, you’d need to maintain your ranks, and there’s a catch that most SEO experts fail to protect themselves from - negative SEO! 

To understand what negative SEO actually is and how to monitor negative SEO, continue reading below.

The Basics of Negative SEO

Negative SEO is all about reverting your thus-achieved ranking success. In other words, negative SEO is a marketing tactic your competitors might use to throw off your search engine rankings.

Negative SEO is considered foul play in the world of digital marketing as it is a rival strategy used to penalize your business or lessen its authority among search engines.

Luckily, such tactics can be prevented and successfully tracked. To monitor negative SEO, you have to know what to look for. Here are the basics of negative SEO that you need to keep in mind. 

Site Hacks

site hack

A well-rounded and neatly-packed website is the cherry on top of every successful SEO campaign. Just as SEO can positively affect your website, it can also have a negative impact in the hands of a site hacker. 

A hacker who takes over the functionality of your website and makes unfavorable changes can alter the intended result of your SEO campaign. Even though site hacks are costly and challenging to employ, these are one of the most efficient black hat SEO tactics. 

From inserting toxic links in your content to messing up the backend to prevent the site from ranking on Google, site hacks are the ultimate bane of good SEO. To shield your brand from unwanted influences, try to monitor negative SEO and nip it in the bud!

Duplicate Content

Creating outstanding, unique content will have your business rank higher on Google’s search engines. Your uniqueness is what separates you from your competitors. Now, if your content is no longer original, your search rankings might suffer a blow. 

Negative SEO attacks your business by duplicating, scraping, and entirely reposting your hard work across multiple channels. 

Harmful Backlinks

Nothing can repel prospects quite like spammy backlinks. Negative SEO might incorporate backlinks coming from link farms or leading to spam sites with not a single connection to your content. This drives away your potential clients and hurts your SEO ranking in the long run.  

To make sure your content and hard-earned rankings stay intact, check for negative SEO and always stay on top of your business game.

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