Recognizing Negative SEO: Top Examples

A well-rounded digital marketing tactic, like SEO, can help your business rank higher in search engine results and drive traffic to your site. The latest statistics ranked websites as the second most traffic-driving channel (after social media platforms). 

If your website is your primary marketing channel, you need to keep it up and running, no matter what. Paired with good SEO, you won’t have a hard time maintaining your site in tip-top shape. But what about the dark side of SEO?

Namely, black hat SEO can easily revert the countless hours of hard work you have put in to create unique content and tickle the interest of prospects. Luckily, you can use negative SEO monitoring services and forget about foul play.

Different Types of Negative SEO

From plagiarizing your content to posting fake negative reviews about your business, there are a number of ways negative SEO can affect your business in the most unfavorable manner. Most often, negative SEO is practiced by competitors or hackers looking to disrupt a business’s authority on the web. Luckily, there are negative SEO monitoring services that can put a stop to the pesky issue of unfair rivalry. 

Here are some of the most common types of negative SEO attacks that you might become a victim of.

Content Plagiarizing

Visualize the countless hours and funds you’ve invested into creating original content to market your brand. Now imagine that same content plastered somewhere else, courtesy of another business. 

Terrifyingly upsetting, right? Nothing is as frustrating as plagiarism, especially when it comes to SEO. Duplicating content and using it in the wrong way is often the most common type of negative SEO, and it can ruin a brand’s online authority fast. 

Fake Reviews & Social Media Profiles

Fake Reviews

Posting fake user reviews about your business is another type of negative SEO. This particular foul SEO practice can be detrimental to the authority and respectability of a brand, resulting in significant traffic drops.

Moreover, negative SEO can affect your social media presence by replicating your brand’s page and hijacking your audience. If you rely on social media for traffic and sales, make absolutely sure you inform your followers of only your official and approved social media profiles.

Thankfully, negative SEO monitoring services can help discover such issues and halt future attempts to bad-mouth your brand.

Spammy Backlinks

The backlinks you use throughout your content might help your business reach a wider audience. But, if someone was to meddle and replace your original backlinks with faulty ones, you might lose a good chunk of your followers overnight.

Creating and inserting spam-filled backlinks is another common type of negative SEO. If you notice an older post you’ve made getting a comment containing a link, it’s almost 100% spam. 

Trustworthy SEO agencies can help you fend off spammy content, thanks to negative SEO monitoring services. 

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