How SEO Services Can Help You Avoid Google Penalties

We cannot talk about search engines without a mention of Google. The tech titan has garnered an astounding $256 billion between 2002 and 2021, and you can expect them to grow further.

Google is the dominant force in the digital field, especially among search engines. And to keep its reputation as the prime search engine, it employs several tactics, including the Google penalties. 

Among other approaches, you can manage Google penalties with suitable SEO tactics. Read on as we elaborate on how to avoid them using professional SEO services

Defining General and SEO Google Penalties

A Google penalty is a sanction against a website with content that conflicts with the Webmaster Guidelines set by the search engine. The violation can stem from plagiarized content, spam links, or malicious SEO tactics.

How Many Different Penalties Does Google Have? 

The penalty types that Google imposes might seem vague and complicated but are very simple in reality. There are two main categories: algorithm penalties and manual penalties.

The Google algorithm itself gives algorithm penalties. It is tasked with ensuring that the indexed websites abide by the imposed guidelines.

Google’s webspam team gives Manual penalties. They take action after the algorithm flags and notifies of a potential violation.

Within these two main categories, Google’s penalty list includes: 

  • Manual link spam penalty;
  • Algorithm link spam penalty;
  • Low-quality link penalty;
  • Unnatural outbound link penalty;
  • Unnatural links to and fro your site penalty;
  • Private blog network penalty;
  • Excessive reciprocal linking penalty.

SEO Services as Protection Against Google Penalties

SEO Services as Protection Against Google Penalties

Avoiding getting Google penalized is better than getting out of an existing penalty. If one does come your way, the best defense against it is using suitable SEO tactics from an expert provider. 

SEO services specialize in search engine optimization and take all necessary measures to shield users from Google penalties. 

Hiring professional SEO services like SEO Defend will ensure that your website never runs into any Google issues.
Here are five ways in which an SEO service helps manage a Google penalty: 

  • Avoiding suspicious content links
  • Focusing on relevant content
  • Preventing keyword stuffing 
  • Steering clear of plagiarism 
  • Not overusing anchor text

The Steps

The first thing an SEO service will do is review your website and detect any penalties against it. If SEO experts determine you have Google SEO penalties to manage, they’ll devise a strategy to fix them.

This includes removing the violation against the Google guidelines and methodically driving website traffic back. Once you remove the violations, your website will regain Google rankings. 

The Best of Professional SEO Services: SEO Defend

Google penalties can be exhausting and perplexing to manage on your own. To find a reputable provider of professional SEO services, turn to SEO Defend! We offer top-notch SEO services and extensive experience keeping penalties by Google at bay.

Our experts will offer the best negative SEO tracking approaches that ensure your website’s vitality on Google. We remove harmful links, shield your site from black-hat SEO, and create a recovery plan against manual penalties. 

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