What’s Included in Our SEO Service Package?

The average cost of hiring a professional to do your SEO varies depending on the type of package and all the additional installment options and upgrades you may include. Based on your individual needs for expert SEO services, you can get the correct price tailored to your company's needs.

SEO specialists know what it takes to build a website that's optimized for search. If you want to ensure optimal rankings, investing in professional SEO services is a great option. 

Read on to learn what's included in SEO services and what to expect from any professional service provider. 

Keyword Research

Any SEO campaign starts with keywords. Whether you are hiring an SEO expert to improve existing content or aim toward new content creation, keyword optimization is the key. 

A good piece of content is optimized with a primary keyword and additional secondary keywords and phrases common to the topic. Keywords help you appear in front of the right customers and rank higher in organic search. And since more than half of all website traffic is generated through organic search, keyword research is highly important. 


Significant backlinks are the stepping stone to your web page's visibility, importance, and ranking. They signal to the search engine, such as Google or Bing, that the content found on your web page is significant enough that other web pages find it resourceful. 

The more significant backlinks are earned and added, the more valuable the content becomes. The higher it will also appear on search engine results pages. 

Technical SEO

Technical SEO

Your web page is the actual SEO client. The technical SEO tools focus precisely on this aspect - the web page's design, responsibility, and security. 

Within this domain, a good SEO provider will:

  • Perform regular site audits to check content for potential breaches (e.g., attempts to copy content on another page)
  • SERP ranking
  • Web page indexing
  • Perform regular checkups on the speed of the web page and its responsiveness to clients

Since more than 60% of users access search engines through their mobile devices, your website's UX responsiveness is crucial. An SEO provider will ensure your website is responsive and mobile-friendly.

Meta Titles and Description

Aside from good content and matching headings, meta titles and descriptions are the first thing clients and potential web page visitors come across, even before opening the content. 

A professional SEO specialist can help you target a vast group of visitors and explain the context of your content in just a few words. After all, the goal of SEO is to attract actual visitors and avoid clients bouncing off your web page. 

Affordable and Professional SEO Services

SEO Defend is a company that offers SEO optimization, technical SEO, and on-page security. We are the pioneers on the market, offering negative SEO monitoring services at very affordable prices to secure your website on all levels. 

We also offer social media profile monitoring to mitigate threats from competitors and include professional SEO service add-ons curated for your unique needs.
Contact our team to learn more about our SEO packages. We’ll help you find one that best fits your business.