The Many Benefits of Implement Negative SEO Monitoring

There have been many deliberations about whether the risks of negative SEO are real or whether the Google algorithm can mitigate the threat by itself. But since more than half of the entire world’s online traffic is generated through organic search, taking that chance is risky.

To shield your website against SEO threats, consider investing in negative SEO monitoring services. Read on to learn how they can benefit your business.

Top Benefits of Negative SEO Monitoring 

Negative SEO monitoring can make up for a threat-proof strategy when combined with the proper SEO optimization tools and hosting packages. This, in turn, will keep up your site rankings and continuously update your content without your effort. 

Effortlessly Protect your Backlinks

Hackers and competitors will try to loosen up the excellent backlink web you have created on your content. Considering you probably have hundreds of articles, depending on the maturity of your web page, tracking each one all the time is impossible. 

A proper SEO monitoring service will either alert you through email when a backlink has been modified or would mitigate the threat without bothering you. This will highly depend on the provider and package you signed up for. 

Automated Site Audits and Reports

Automated Site Audits and Reports

Auditing a webpage from time to time is mandatory for everyone, especially if you have already climbed the SEO mountain of challenges and provided good rankings for your web page. However, juggling between optimizing old content, creating new content, and maintaining top rankings takes a lot of work. 

Monitoring services for negative SEO always include site audits, and they send the reports to your email, so you can look at how your web page is doing at a particular time. 

Notifications on Ranking Shifts

Since SEO is all about ranking, negative SEO monitoring has automated notifications every time your website’s range changes. However, taking this sole thing into consideration is meaningless, especially considering the daily upload of numerous Google algorithms and dozens of new content in your niche. 

Sometimes these notifications can be a handy asset when uploading new content or keeping track of the latest Google updates. 

Monitor your Social Media Profiles

If you’re a brand owner or a business CEO in charge of a successful company with a high-ranking online presence, your competition would be after jeopardizing your reputation. It’s the first rule of politics — making scandals and putting the competition in unpleasant case scenarios to lose ratings. 

Sometimes, instead of dissing your business or web page services, your competition will come straight after you as an owner or head of the business. Monitoring negative SEO services include tracking personal social media profiles and pinpointing malicious attacks on your or your business. 

Protect Your Website with Negative SEO Monitoring Services

SEO monitoring can be a hefty charge for nothing, but we at SEO Defend consider negative SEO a severe threat. That’s why we’ve made negative SEO monitoring services budget-friendly and affordable for big and small website owners. 

We will protect your privacy, monitor your web page, and keep your rankings. But if you decide to purchase our SEO optimization package, it will be the combo to rank you on Google’s first page for life.

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