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Protecting your website against negative SEO, black hat SEO techniques and bad SEOs.

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Protect your search engine ranking

We perform comprehensive SEO risk analysis scans and provide real-time monitoring and protection against negative SEO, black hat SEO techniques and bad SEOs. We'll even help you with Google penalty recovery and other search engine related penalties. Negative SEO is a real problem, be prepared!

Highly Recommended: Try the RankTank Google keyword rank checker tool or Google proxy and
Google SERP API to monitor your keyword rankings.

Negative SEO Protection


Domain Safety
Monitor domain age, authority, WHOIS information & transfer lock status.
Duplicate Content
Prevent content theft, duplication penalties, stop hot-linking & protect IP.
Backlink Safety
Check existing backlink quality & new backlink velocity. Choose to link detox if required.
Penalty Checks
Stay safe and avoid search engine penalties before algorithm updates strike.
Social Media Spam
Keep an eye on social channels, ensure spam-free profiles & avoid impersonation.
Redirection Issues
Preserve domain & page authority by keeping an eye on redirect issues.
Site Speed
Ensure lightning quick page loads for best user experience. Get optimisation suggestions.
Email Alerts
Protection on autopilot, we let you know immediately if anything goes wrong.
Continuous Protection
Negative SEO attack monitoring & real-time SEO alerts when you're at risk.
Monthly SEO Score
Know the current state of your SEO with monthly ranking and risk scores.

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Redirection issues
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