Any business owner today understands the importance of maintaining an online presence. Be it a social media page or a website, your brand needs to be properly presented in the eyes of your targeted audience.

71% of businesses have built a website to promote their business. Building a website will give your brand the online engagement you are after. 

Read on to learn how having a website can help your company succeed and how a top-notch web design agency can help you achieve your business goals. 

Business Website Development: What’s Included?

The concept of website development revolves around everything from markups and coding to scripting, developing a content management system, and network configurations. 

Other than the aspects above, website development also includes eCommerce development and network security configuration. All angles of website development can be done individually or, better yet, by hiring a professional web agency.

Key Benefits of Having a Business Website

 1. Around-the-Clock Online Presence

Professionals will suggest creating a business website mainly because your brand will be available to users 24/7. Your clients will easily find you anywhere, at any time, even outside your business hours. 

Brands that own professional websites tend to attract more customers and deliver uninterrupted access to products and services globally. Ultimately, a company offering services via a designated website will appeal to more clients and present itself as reliable.

2. Added Credibility

    Companies that have their own website appeal to more clients. From a client’s perspective, a business with no physical address or contact number may seem untrustworthy and shady. 

    Likewise, customers are more likely to trust brands with a website or an email address. To ensure the credibility of your business site, ensure you have covered the following points:

    3. Cost Efficiency

      Opening an online store is much cheaper than running a brick-and-mortar store.

      In an e-commerce store, you won't have to pay for rent, furniture, interior design, and energy bills. You'll only have to pay for the host or server, CMS, domain, plug-ins, and website design. All of these are significantly cheaper than the expenses that come with a physical store.

      sk about the price ranges surrounding website development and take your time estimating the basic needs of your brand.

      A business website allows you to sell goods directly to clients and bypass additional costs related to a physical store, including:

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      To compete in today's fast-paced market, businesses must establish their online presence. In that case, they need SEO (Search Engine Optimization). 

      Finding prospects is nearly impossible without implementing an SEO strategy. Since Google handles most queries – around 61.4% – SEO is mostly geared toward Google's algorithm. 

      Hiring professional SEO services can help you optimize your website for search, be in front of your ideal prospects, and stay ahead of the competition.

      Read on to learn how to use SEO to your advantage.

      Breaking Down the Basics of SEO

      Search engine optimization involves optimizing your website and using keywords to increase your ranking in organic (unpaid) search results.

      People have turned online to search for products or services, making it essential for brands to be present online. SEO makes you more visible to users actively seeking your products or services. It lets you target qualified leads and boost opportunities for sales.

      That's what makes SEO vital for the success of SMBs – it helps search engines like Google recognize your brand and direct you toward your ideal customers.

      What Are the Steps Involved in SEO?

      In a nutshell, SEO encompasses five major steps to help you increase your brand's online visibility, boost traffic, and generate more sales.

      Here are the five steps:

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      Statistics show that 75% of internet searchers do not go beyond the first page of the search engine results pages. For websites and businesses, those first few spots are invaluable. 

      Many SEO strategies help websites rank higher in search results. While these strategies aim to build a website up, some focus on tearing a website down. These are called negative SEO strategies, and they are considered unethical. 

      It's always a good idea to monitor negative SEO attacks aimed at your website to keep your business safe and secure.

      Why Is Negative SEO Bad For Your Website?

      Negative SEO can ruin your website’s credibility and online reputation. Some tactics include creating backlinks and spammy anchor texts and scraping content from your website to make it appear as a duplicate. 

      Others are even more aggressive such as website hacks and malware attacks. These can alter your website's entire architecture and create many problems that would be hard to fix. 

      Some negative SEO practitioners even resort to creating fake negative reviews for websites that significantly impact the audience base. Stay vigilant for a sudden bunch of bad reviews across various sites, and make sure to flag them as fake. 

      When left unchecked, negative SEO can seriously damage your website and search rankings.

      Should You Hire a Professional Service to Help Monitor Negative SEO?

      Why Should I Hire Professional SEO Services?

      Hiring a professional negative SEO monitoring service can help track your backlinks profile and identify any unusual spikes in inbound links. It will protect you against hacking attacks and tackle all content scraping and fake review problems that may arise. 

      In other words, professional service would take care of all aspects of negative SEO monitoring, so you can focus on growing your business. It can also help you avoid any Google penalties that may arise from negative SEO threats.

      The Benefits of Tracking Potential Negative SEO For Your Website

      Tracking potential negative SEO is not only recommended but necessary if you want to ensure the safety of your website. The benefits can be countless in the long run. 

      Having a good system in place to monitor negative SEO can tackle attacks at their core before they become real problems that threaten the existence and credibility of your website. It will allow you to keep creating engaging content without the fear that your website might fall under malicious attacks.

      Secure Your Website 24/7

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      Statistics show that the number one organic position in Google Search can result in a click-through rate (CTR) of 34.2%. This means that every website out there is fighting for this position. Some optimize their content to rank higher, and some bring their competitors down by deploying negative SEO tactics. 

      Negative SEO involves using unethical means to decrease a website’s rankings. It can pose a threat to your website’s credibility and existence. Let’s look at some of these practices and how our negative SEO protection services can help protect your business.

      Some Negative SEO Practices To Watch Out For

      There are several negative SEO practices you should keep an open eye for. Here are the most common ones:

      Ways To Ensure You’re Protected Against Negative SEO

      As there are negative SEO practices, there are ways to shield yourself from them. Below we give you the most used ones today:


      Getting your website back on track would require some time and effort. Some of the things you can do include:

      Tell-Tale Signs of Negative SEO

      Tell-Tale Signs of Negative SEO

      A negative SEO attack is usually easily noticeable after some time. Consider the possibility that you might be getting some negative SEO if you notice a sudden and significant ranking drop, increased website loading time, or if you’re experiencing frequent website crashes. A hack or malware attack on your website would be obvious and hard to miss. 

      SEO Defend Can Help You Tackle Negative SEO

      Negative SEO can damage your business significantly. That is why reaching out to professionals to help deal with attacks is necessary. This is where our team at SEO Defend can help.

      We protect and optimize your website through SEO penalty removal and negative SEO monitoring services. This way, you'll stay on top of the results page and gain a competitive edge. Contact us to learn how we can help your business.