Did you know that web design is like putting together an outfit? A single piece of clothing or accessory can ruin the whole vibe. So can a faulty web design component! 

As per recent statistics, there are more than 1.8 billion websites, and we can only imagine how many of them keep visitors browsing and not hitting the X button instantaneously. A professional web design agency can help your website embody your brand and propagate it across social media channels. 

To understand what makes web design a must in digital marketing, continue reading below.

What Makes Up a Good Web Design, and What Are Its Perks?

The process of web design entails planning and constructing the look and functionality of a website. Web design is what gives the overall look of your main business outlet appealing (or unappealing, if done wrong). 

From images, layouts, and videos to font and font color, web design will help your brand become more recognizable, fast. Web design agencies dedicate a fair amount of time to getting to know the client so that they can create a unique web design.

Let’s discuss the benefits that come with employing a web design company:


Website visitors feel more secure when they make a purchase from a website with a user-friendly web design. These days, potential customers are keen on rating a brand based on its website design. 

Contemporary and highly-functional web designs are favored over outdated, poorly executed web designs that make visitors suspect the brand’s legitimacy. A trustworthy web design agency will know exactly how to lay out the look and functionality of your website and help you build a strong brand.


Website Usability

A well-rounded web design should allow visitors to quickly locate information about a product or service, contact information, or an info page. The design of your web page will retain or deter visitors - as simple as that.

If your visitors have to click on five different areas on your page to find simple information about how to contact you, you can be sure they won’t. Visitors become easily frustrated by non-user-friendly websites, and regardless of their intent to buy, they’ll close your page anytime they want.

Visual and Content Appeal

How appealing your website is to visitors is very important, both visually and content-wise. Web design agencies know how to achieve a smooth transition between content and visuals while keeping the layout of the website in perfect ratio.

If the content you boast about is placed in an unfavorable area on your website, visitors will have a hard time finding it and eventually give up. Moreover, if the visual part of the web design is fine, but the content is irrelevant to your product or service, you’ll come shorthanded.

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If you’re a business owner in today's digital world, you must have heard of search engine optimization, or SEO. Back in the 90s, when it first hit the marketing industry, SEO helped millions of small businesses build an audience for themselves.

From helping small businesses establish their brands to attracting the attention of prospects, SEO is the ultimate wingman of small businesses.

To understand how SEO packages can boost your business’ performance, continue reading below. As a bonus, we’ll let you know where to find the best SEO services.

Advantages of SEO

Whether you are a small business trying to promote its unique products or looking to spread awareness for a particular service you offer, you need a marketing strategy to do so. SEO can achieve that - increased visibility, a more extensive customer base, and better return on investment.

A well-rounded SEO package can help you in more ways than one:

Acts as a Primary Source of Leads

Today, potential customers research a brand or a product before they make a purchase. They go online and search for a specific keyword to help them find what they are looking for. 

SEO services can help your business place higher in search engines, making it easier for prospects to find you. You don’t have to worry even if your potential clients don’t know your brand yet - a single keyword will get the job done.

Improves User Experience

Improves User Experience

Optimizing your website or landing page with all the audience-relevant information helps your brand build authority. Moreover, if your principal outlet is packed with a user-friendly layout and is coupled with a neat SEO pattern, you’ll get one step closer to retaining your existing client base.

A short-term business-to-client relationship is not what businesses strive to achieve. Aspire for a long-term relationship with your clients, and let SEO help you with that. 

Some SEO packages offer customizable marketing strategies to help you ensure the return of your customers. In a nutshell, a better user experience will lead to more leads, more clicks, and more conversion rates.

It’s Cost-Efficient

Small businesses often run on tight budgets. Their funds are meticulously planned for a specific purpose, like procurement, distribution, and so on. Therefore, there’s no space for unforeseen costs.

Now, when it comes to marketing, companies have splurged obscene amounts of cash to deliver massive ad campaigns which might or might not translate to sales. SEO takes on the role of a “silent ad” that won’t break the bank.

Compared to other marketing strategies, SEO packages come at reasonable prices. There are different types of bundles you can choose from to suit your marketing needs. 

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A well-rounded digital marketing tactic, like SEO, can help your business rank higher in search engine results and drive traffic to your site. The latest statistics ranked websites as the second most traffic-driving channel (after social media platforms). 

If your website is your primary marketing channel, you need to keep it up and running, no matter what. Paired with good SEO, you won’t have a hard time maintaining your site in tip-top shape. But what about the dark side of SEO?

Namely, black hat SEO can easily revert the countless hours of hard work you have put in to create unique content and tickle the interest of prospects. Luckily, you can use negative SEO monitoring services and forget about foul play.

Different Types of Negative SEO

From plagiarizing your content to posting fake negative reviews about your business, there are a number of ways negative SEO can affect your business in the most unfavorable manner. Most often, negative SEO is practiced by competitors or hackers looking to disrupt a business’s authority on the web. Luckily, there are negative SEO monitoring services that can put a stop to the pesky issue of unfair rivalry. 

Here are some of the most common types of negative SEO attacks that you might become a victim of.

Content Plagiarizing

Visualize the countless hours and funds you’ve invested into creating original content to market your brand. Now imagine that same content plastered somewhere else, courtesy of another business. 

Terrifyingly upsetting, right? Nothing is as frustrating as plagiarism, especially when it comes to SEO. Duplicating content and using it in the wrong way is often the most common type of negative SEO, and it can ruin a brand’s online authority fast. 

Fake Reviews & Social Media Profiles

Fake Reviews

Posting fake user reviews about your business is another type of negative SEO. This particular foul SEO practice can be detrimental to the authority and respectability of a brand, resulting in significant traffic drops.

Moreover, negative SEO can affect your social media presence by replicating your brand’s page and hijacking your audience. If you rely on social media for traffic and sales, make absolutely sure you inform your followers of only your official and approved social media profiles.

Thankfully, negative SEO monitoring services can help discover such issues and halt future attempts to bad-mouth your brand.

Spammy Backlinks

The backlinks you use throughout your content might help your business reach a wider audience. But, if someone was to meddle and replace your original backlinks with faulty ones, you might lose a good chunk of your followers overnight.

Creating and inserting spam-filled backlinks is another common type of negative SEO. If you notice an older post you’ve made getting a comment containing a link, it’s almost 100% spam. 

Trustworthy SEO agencies can help you fend off spammy content, thanks to negative SEO monitoring services. 

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Keeping your business up and running means dealing with all sorts of issues, from knowing what your customers need to making sure your brand has reached a wider audience. Recent statistics show that a whopping 70% of small businesses use SEO to boost their productivity and achieve predicted revenue. When it comes to SEO, it’s all about your savviness to attract prospects, and SEO is one way to do it! 

However, to fully use the perks of SEO, you’d need to maintain your ranks, and there’s a catch that most SEO experts fail to protect themselves from - negative SEO! 

To understand what negative SEO actually is and how to monitor negative SEO, continue reading below.

The Basics of Negative SEO

Negative SEO is all about reverting your thus-achieved ranking success. In other words, negative SEO is a marketing tactic your competitors might use to throw off your search engine rankings.

Negative SEO is considered foul play in the world of digital marketing as it is a rival strategy used to penalize your business or lessen its authority among search engines.

Luckily, such tactics can be prevented and successfully tracked. To monitor negative SEO, you have to know what to look for. Here are the basics of negative SEO that you need to keep in mind. 

Site Hacks

site hack

A well-rounded and neatly-packed website is the cherry on top of every successful SEO campaign. Just as SEO can positively affect your website, it can also have a negative impact in the hands of a site hacker. 

A hacker who takes over the functionality of your website and makes unfavorable changes can alter the intended result of your SEO campaign. Even though site hacks are costly and challenging to employ, these are one of the most efficient black hat SEO tactics. 

From inserting toxic links in your content to messing up the backend to prevent the site from ranking on Google, site hacks are the ultimate bane of good SEO. To shield your brand from unwanted influences, try to monitor negative SEO and nip it in the bud!

Duplicate Content

Creating outstanding, unique content will have your business rank higher on Google’s search engines. Your uniqueness is what separates you from your competitors. Now, if your content is no longer original, your search rankings might suffer a blow. 

Negative SEO attacks your business by duplicating, scraping, and entirely reposting your hard work across multiple channels. 

Harmful Backlinks

Nothing can repel prospects quite like spammy backlinks. Negative SEO might incorporate backlinks coming from link farms or leading to spam sites with not a single connection to your content. This drives away your potential clients and hurts your SEO ranking in the long run.  

To make sure your content and hard-earned rankings stay intact, check for negative SEO and always stay on top of your business game.

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